Press Trips and Media Visits

At Laurie Rowe Communications we thrive on sharing the stories of our destinations with journalists. Having been on the CVB side before, each LRC team member knows first-hand the impact published or broadcast articles make on a community.

  • We’re privileged to work with many southern destinations – regardless of the size of the destination, their budget or staff size.
  • It’s important to us to connect their stories with you, the storyteller.
  • LRC press trips as a rule are individual media visits or small groups, maybe up to 4 or 5 journalists at a time.

Why? Because, since many of our destinations do not have budgets to host large groups, we may be tasked with bringing in only a few per year. So while we’d like to accommodate every journalist every time, it’s not always feasible. However, we may be able to help you make arrangements for an independent trip, so always ask if one of our client destinations piques your interest.

Press trips and media visits are ever-evolving with LRC clients. Click here for a sampling of destinations that have programs in place to host journalists, but to get the most current opportunities available, contact Ruth Sykes, Director of Media Relations.

Tell us what you are looking for.

If you came looking for something and couldn’t find it in Travel Media Press Room, send us a note and we may be able to help.

If you found what you were looking for, but also want to check it out for yourself by coming on an LRC press trip or media visit, tell us! We know your time is valuable so we want to get as much pertinent information as possible in one step. Please complete this Laurie Rowe Communications hosted writer information form. It will be sent directly to our media relations team and we’ll respond quickly.