McNeal Farm Sumter County

Forward looking, with scores of partners facing the same direction: that’s what collaboration looks like with the One Sumter Economic Development Foundation, Inc. 

This isn’t a fleeting moment of like-minded endeavors but a five-year countywide initiative within a 20-year vision. 

That means consistent visioning and the ability to design and then track goals, objectives and results. 

Partners linking arms are Sumter County, the City of Americus, Georgia SouthWestern State University and South Georgia Technical College.  Communities and their people benefiting from the visions and details include Americus, Andersonville, DeSoto, Leslie, Plains and all the county. 

Key One Sumter initiatives focus on: 

  • Economic Development grounding downtowns and the region with diversification 
  • Workforce Development with robust 21st century skills 
  • Marketing / Communications within Sumter and afar, further building community 
  • Transportation connecting people and places, workers and job sites, with wayfinding assists and corridor enhancement 

Planning pillars further define and reinforce key initiatives with attention toward safety, education, healthcare and real estate. Within these are partnerships including technical education, career education, medical tourism, retiree medical care and quality of life tied to residential options. 

Equally specific and comprehensive is what One Sumter means to visitors: storytelling and experiences built around authentic local history. Nowhere else do the same circumstances influence a sense of place. Only here. 

Branding to provide intensive understanding of what makes the county and its communities distinctive is complete—a detailed analysis of what it means to be a land of rolling fields and piney woods, with rippling waters … plus the enduring home of a United States president. 

One Sumter branding identifies sacred spaces and special situations all over the county and that’s why pointing out what’s “homegrown” is meaningful here.  

“World renown” anchors One Sumter declarations too. Films, still photos and concise videos add additional depth to distinctive local entities: 

  • Archery, Plains and the legacy of Jimmy Carter, the hometown little boy who grew up to become President of the United States, and return to his roots as an engaged citizen  
  • Andersonville National Historic Site and the impact of a significant National Park Service facility in the county 
  • National Prisoner of War Museum interpreting worldwide influence   
  • Leesburg Stockade Girls and the Civil Rights movement’s impact on families and children 
  • Global Village and Discovery Center of Habitat for Humanity International expanding understanding of worldwide living conditions 

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