Wynfield Plantation

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Live the art of Southern tradition in Albany, Georgia

Steam evaporates off the still pond as Jeep tires crunch to a stop just outside the cabin.

The cool frost of a winter morning greets hunters emerging from cozy overnight accommodations. In the SUV, an expert guide awaits with man’s best friend in tow. This is Southern tradition meets paradise found, in an unexpected place: Albany, Georgia, easily accessible in Southwest Georgia from I-10 or I-75. Here, Wynfield Plantation sprawls across 2,000 acres woven throughout with native grasses, annual weeds, brambles, shrubs, and timberland in a mosaic of soft edges, open land and woody draws, offering the perfect Bobwhite Quail habitat.

Veteran guides, hard charging bird dogs, classic shotguns and fully equipped jeeps establish the quail-hunting environment. This combination of habitat, experience and resources sets the scene for the quintessential South Georgia quail hunting experience. Pointers and setters work the creek beds, weed fields and food plots, casting back and forth, following their noses, searching the edges, pushing themselves to find a covey.  And when they do, they freeze, one on point and one at honor, until the hunters are in position, until the birds are flushed in a whir of wings and the explosive burst of a shot gun fills the air. Once the birds are down, retrievers take over, bringing in the hunt.  This is the timeless dance of hunter, dog, and bird – of simple, classic, magnificent wing shooting.

Wynfield Plantation is the embodiment of Southern charm and hospitality.  From unwinding in the rustic hunting lodge to savoring a sip or two of aged whiskey while swapping stories and making plans for tomorrow’s hunt, just like barbeque, sweet tea and football on a Saturday afternoon, quail hunting is a part of what being from the South is all about.

Local artist David Lanier’s artwork adorns the wall of the lodge where guests can restore with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits, before rocking awhile on the shady front porch. Relaxation is an art and options for indulging include walking around the gorgeous pond, strolling down to the kennels or taking a turn at the 10-station sporting clay course through the woods or the skeet range. A pavilion offers the ultimate man-cave, complete with poker and pool tables, luxe leather couches, a bar and flat screen television. Live life in the slow lane for a while and let cares go.

If you go
At Wynfield, five well-appointed, private hunting cabins equipped with all the comforts of home, including a small kitchen, provide a resting spot for reading a book, watching the big game on TV, taking a nap or just relaxing. Guests can bring their own dogs and guns or use Wynfield’s equipment and trained hunting dogs. Or, pack light and visit the Pro Shop which sells everything from clothing to Beretta guns. Full and half-day hunts are offered.